Zonnetrein Leuven

Tourist attractions

Enjoy the rich cultural heritage of Leuven in a 100% green way thanks to the technology of the future: the suntrain.

Powered by energy provided straightly by the sun the suntrain takes you to the nicest spots of Leuven. Whilst you enjoy through 360° windows the scenery and the monuments, flatscreens will show you its inside and provide you with all relevant information.

We start at Bondgenotenlaan 7 near the city hall. From there the train takes you along the city park to the Park Abbey, one of the best preserved abbeys in the Benelux. You find within its walls the Museum of Religious Art and Culture. This is really the place to be in Leuven. The suntrain has a stop here.

On our way back to the city center we halt at The Great Beguinage. This beguinage has a remarkable history and deserves undoubtedly your visit.

We continue our journey through the Naamsestraat with its 16th century colleges and arrive at the Hogeschoolplein where the Pope’s College is located.

What a surprise to enjoy these sites that without the suntrain you would hardly have had the opportunity to discover.

And yes, let you be taken away by this wealth of historical treasures: the Old Market with his famous Kotmadam, Saint Peter’s Church, the town hall, the Small Beguinage, Saint Gertrude’s Abbey.

It is time now to visit something younger and more airy.

The Vaartkom is quite a remarkable area in Leuven. This old industrial site has grown during the last years into a stylish, green and lively area.

Good news ! Stella Artois being rooted in Leuven since 1366 and now a division of the biggest brewery in the world is open for visitors. Of course, the suntrain has a stop here.

Rarely in just one hour a visit tour has given one such a nice overview of what this beautiful town has on offer.

We are sure that during this hour and thanks to the information provided on the suntrain you have already decided which monuments or sites you want to pay a visit again.

Enjoy jour stay in Leuven !